Barriers To Estate Planning

Estate planning is all about preparing for a future that you won’t be around to see. Not a pleasant task. That’s why many people put it off. They don’t want to think about a world without them in it. It scares them.

But those fears result in procrastination, indecision and inattention, says a story on

Fear is a big reason for procrastinating, the story says. Plus, they are busy in the here and now. But the story says people should actually fear doing nothing.

People often put off action because of indecision, the story says. They can’t decide on a guardian for their children, for example. But that choice can always be changed, it notes.

Inattention is also a problem. Maybe you have a will but it hasn’t been revisited in years. Things can change in time. That’s why it is important to take another look at your will every year or so.


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