Becoming a caregiver

When you become a caregiver to an aging parent, you will find that you are taking on many of the duties they had when raising you.

The job is physically, emotionally and financially draining, but can be rewarding.

A survey found that about half of caregivers spend $5,000 or more annually.

If you are preparing to be a caregiver, there are some things you need to do. They include:

  • Starting a discussion with your family. You should divide the responsibilities.
  • Find out what resources are available. This includes your parentโ€™s finances, government programs and programs run by non-profits.
  • Check into tax savings you can take advantage of.
  • Decide on the services that are best for you. These may include home care, assisted living or a nursing home.

Best to get the ball rolling while your parents are still cogent enough to express their wishes on the subject, says a story on

Huffington Post article

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