Boomers Redefining Suburbia

Two senior women exercising in a health clubHalf a century ago, suburbs were frantically building schools to keep up with all the newly born baby boomers.

Today, suburbs are redefining themselves as boomers age, and want to stay in their communities, but continue to live full lives.

A story in the Boston Globe says these aging boomers are wanting new experiences even as they hit their 70s.

Many programs for the elderly are not just offering sing-a-longs and bingo. They may also be offering lectures, self-defense classes, foreign films — even speed dating.

One town approved a stand-alone senior center that will offer sports programs, gardening classes, craft fairs and more.

New clubs are offering hiking trips or classes on personal growth.

The idea is not just to age in place, but to grow and stay active as they age.

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