Business Leaders Need Personal and Professional Estate Planning

Do you own a company in Pasadena? It’s your job not just to grow the company, but to protect it.

There are so many different things to consider in your day to day and big picture of working as a business leader. As a successful business leader, this also contributes to the size and complexity of your estate.

Proper estate planning for any higher net worth or owners of a business requires that different transactions and strategies be established with the support of an estate planning attorney to both reduce your estate taxes and to provide secure financial protection.

While estate planning is different from other strategies like those that produce immediate tax savings or establish retirement strategies for you, it is equally important to use the services of an estate planning attorney to start this process. Known as business succession planning, this helps you look ahead to the future for what might happen when you exit the company.

Although the benefits of estate planning might not be readily apparent, it’s an investment into your future and as a business leader and investment into the future of your company as well.

Do you have the right people already working in the company, or would there need to be a clear plan about how these leadership roles would get filled?

Crossing this off of the list and knowing that you have an estate plan that addresses your needs now also gives you room to pivot and adapt as necessary. Having a relationship with an experienced business succession planning and estate planning lawyer in your area will allow you to ask these important and critical questions.

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