Can You Afford To Splurge?

You recently turned 50 or maybe you turned 60. Its finally time to splurge!

Bentley Continental GT (II) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Bentley Continental GT (II) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Or is it?

Sure, a vacation home would be nice. Maybe a luxury car. Or a trip around the world.

But before you splurge, ask yourself these questions, says an article on

  • Can you really afford it? If you are really in good shape financially and have made an estate plan, then go ahead.
  • Is the purchase in line with your values? A vacation splurge, especially if taken with friends and family, is often a good idea.
  • Are you trying to impress someone? Don’t do it if you are just trying to keep up with the Joneses.
  • Is this being done out of boredom? If so, maybe you should rethink it. Such splurges can be toxic. Especially fancy cars or other expensive material goods.

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