Be Careful What You Post

Three children of a Sugarland, Texas nursing home patient have been banned from the facility over material they posted on social media.

According to a story in the Southeast Texas Record, and reprinted by the, the three were informed by the attorney for Silverado Senior Living that they may no longer visit until they remove the postings that depict their mom or other residents.

The nursing home describes the postings as “exploitive and invasive materials which also violate the privacy rights of other Silverado residents.”

The three banned children have sued to regain the right to visit their mother.

It turns out that the three have been involved in a court fight with two other siblings who have been overseeing their mother’s care and finances as they have power of attorney.

Their federal suit alleges their rights under the First, Fifth and Fourteenth amendments have been violated by the ban.

The story does not say what specifically was said or depicted in the posts.

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