Challenging A Will

What is involved in challenging a will?

Last Will And Testament
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It is happening more and more these days as baby boomer siblings fight over their parents’ estates.

For example, one man found that his mother left her entire $600,000 estate to his sister, and didn’t leave a dime to his daughter, whom his mother had doted on since she was a baby, according to an article on

Yes, you can challenge a will, but it can be costly and certain conditions must be met. Still, the chances of success are slim.

To succeed, you must prove one of four legal grounds: undue influence, fraud, improper execution or lack of mental capacity.

How much will it cost?

It depends, but experts say if all you are likely to win is a few thousand dollars, then it probably isn’t going to be worth it. You have to do a cost benefit analysis. And you need to think about whether it is worth the hurt feelings that are certain to be involved.

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