Charitable Giving Being Impacted by Cultural and Financial Changes

Many people are turning to financial professionals in higher numbers than ever to weather concerns such as inflation, uncertainty in global markets and the possibility of shifting tax laws. But giving to charity is still of interest to many as a planning tool.

A recent study published in the Journal of Financial Planning highlights that many financial planners are making efforts to learn more about clients’ cultural values. Only 41% of clients, however, feel that their financial advisors have risen to this level.

Cultural values have important implications for your retirement saving strategy and the legacy that you pass on to your loved ones through estate planning. Working with an advisor and a team of people such as estate planning lawyers to help ensure that your cultural values and goals are considered in your estate planning and other strategies are important.

Many people develop individualized values, legacies and intentions that they want to remain important to them for the duration of their life and well into future generations through things like estate planning. Finding an attorney who recognizes this and puts your priorities front and center is crucial, just as it is crucial for finding a financial planner who recognizes these personal goals as well. If you’re ready to sit down and plan out your estate to accomplish protecting your assets during your lifetime and to allow for a streamlined transfer of assets in the future, contact an estate planning lawyer today.

With our Pasadena area estate planning lawyers, we know many of the most common issues and concerns that are front and center for you when youโ€™re planning your estate. We take the time to get to know you and to better understand your goals so that we can create a custom plan just for your needs. Contact us today for more personalized help with creating an estate plan.




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