Choosing a California Trustee: What to Know

Choosing a trustee in California is one of the most important steps you can take for estate planning. Knowing that you have a way to smoothly transfer your assets to the next generation might prompt you to set up a trust with the help of a Pasadena estate planning lawyer.

Understanding the role of trustee and who is most appropriate in this role can help you make these important decisions. When you are picking a trustee, you are giving this person a job.

This is because a trustee has a fiduciary or special duty of trust to the estate and the beneficiaries of that trust. They must therefore, always act with the best interests of the beneficiaries and the estate in mind and follow probate code while also communicating openly with the beneficiaries.

An adult child might not be the best option, depending on your unique family dynamics. You need to think carefully about whether or not choosing a specific person as a trustee could lead to conflicts and challenges. The person named as a trustee should be an adult who has a clear understanding of the responsibility of this role and is comfortable clearly communicating.

Since talking to beneficiaries and keeping them updated will make things easier for everyone involved, make sure there are no immediate conflicts when it comes to trustee/beneficiary communication.

Make sure that this person understands the responsibilities as well as their fiduciary duty to the estate and the beneficiaries. Laying out the management of the trust and the expected time commitment can be important for a person who has been appointed in this role to feel comfortable in taking it on.

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