Cleaning Out Mom And Dad’s House

Emptying out a house full of memories can be difficult. It can take a toll not only on your body but on your emotions.

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

And the job can easily provoke disagreements among siblings. One may look at dad’s record collection as a family heirloom, while another sees the records as being worth enough money to buy a ticket to Florida.

Then, there can be fights over what to throw away and what to keep.

A story on asked the author of a book on the subject as to the best ways to avoid such problems.

The phrase that was used most often was: “Keep the memories, throw away the stuff.”

Basically, it says to honor the memories by taking photos, writing things down, talking about them — but then to get rid of the stuff.

Other tips:

  • don’t wait until the last minute.
  • approach the task as a series of small jobs not one huge job.
  • go area by area and divide items into three categories: keep, toss or donate.
  • planning ahead can keep fights to a minimum.
  • consider hiring an appraiser for a “look see” to tell what what items are worth something. These can be sold at auction.

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