Cliques In Nursing Homes?

Maybe it shouldn’t come as a surprise, but just because you may be old and gray, you can still act like a teenager – in one of the worst ways.

A column in the New York Times recounts a woman’s shock to find out that when her grandmother went into an independent living facility, she quickly found out there was a pecking order among the residents.

Yes, there were “mean girls” in the nursing home.

The grandmother confided that the other “girls” in the home would not let her sit at their lunch table.

Or they won’t let her join their bridge game.

There are cliques galore, she complained.

The story quoted a Cornell University study that showed that aggression among residents in nursing homes is widespread with one in five residents involved in a fight or altercation.

The article does not offer any ideas on how to combat this problem or how excluded residents can begin to get accepted. It apparently works like it did in high school.

Who knew?

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