Cloud-Based Storage Service For Final Thoughts

A new cloud-based data storage service lets people record their wishes for their heirs and loved ones to be viewed or read after the person is gone or whenever he or she wants them accessed.

The service is called SafeBeyond and people may use it to convey final wishes or just thoughts that the person who sets it up wants to deliver to heirs and loved ones at certain times of their lives, after the person is gone.

The man who started it says it serves as โ€œemotional life insurance,โ€ says a story in the New York Times.Sky on notebook screen

Just as with an estate plan, there is a need to designate a trustee for what is written or stored on video in SafeBeyond, the story says. That person has to track down family members and friends in case their email addresses or phone numbers have changed.

The site is free for now.

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