Common Estate Planning Mistakes

Estate planning isn’t easy – that’s why there are lawyers and financial advisors who specialize in helping people with their estates.

If you review your documents, make sure they are signed and pick the right experts, you should be fine, says an article on

But there are mistakes that people make all the time, the story says. Here are some of them:

  • Not creating an estate plan at all. Half of Americans don’t even have a will.
  • Failing to sign the will or other documents that you have created.
  • Leaving assets to your ex-spouse. Many people fail to update their wills or estate plans.
  • Losing documents. Many people lose track of their wills, power of attorney forms, insurance documents and other paperwork. Even putting them in a safe deposit box can be tricky if your heirs can’t get into the box.
  • Not funding a living trust. Many people set up living trusts but never put anything into them.
  • Not protecting pets. Many people fail to include provisions for the care of their beloved pets.

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