Don’t Neglect a Holistic Estate Plan

There are many benefits to working with a Pasadena, CA estate planning lawyer, especially when you have specific goals you want to accomplish with your strategies. At our office, it’s our goal to help you build a comprehensive estate plan that covers all of your needs and guides you through the legal process. A lawyer will discuss your assets, liabilities, questions and concerns with you during an initial consultation and then help you go from there with the documents and strategies to cover those needs.

One of the major advantages to hiring our California estate planning law firm is that an attorney can often things of things you didn’t. For example, maybe you wanted to meet with an attorney to ensure that there’s a plan for who will care for your minor child or pets if you were to pass away. But there are many other concerns that could pop up throughout your life.

If you were to get hurt to be out of pocket during a period of time due to a medical condition or surgery, you’d want to know that someone else is able to manage your affairs and important decisions during that time. While a part of your bigger estate plan, powers of attorney and similar documents address these questions that emerge while you’re still alive. Without putting them in place, your loved ones may have to go to court to get permission to make important medical decisions or to handle your financial affairs. These added delays are also stressful for your loved ones, but that’s easily avoided with a proper estate planning strategy.

Your California estate planning attorney is also familiar with some of the common pitfalls and issues that tend to show up in estates. Working through these concerns and developing a holistic estate plan gives you peace of mind across the board about the decisions, people, and tools you’ll use if any potential situations come to pass. This makes it easier on your loved ones during a difficult time, but it can also help you if something renders you unable to tend to your own affairs.




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