Estate Planning and Divorce

A column on by a Massachusetts estate planning attorney suggests the best times are when you are getting married, when you have a child and when you are getting divorced.

If you are getting divorced, the last thing you may want to do is talk to another attorney, but the columnist says you may want to reconsider.

You will want to make sure the decisions you made during your divorce are protected and that your wishes are honored. And you want to make sure the estate plan reflects changes that have occurred in your life.Man and woman waiting on a sofa

You may want to meet with the estate planning attorney during the divorce so that you can at least be thinking about issues that might arise and how to handle them in your plan, the column says.

For example, you may have had a health care directive listing your former spouse as your health agent. But that is revoked by divorce. So if you change the person who can make health decisions for you, let your doctor know.

You may also need to update your will or trust. Your former spouse ay have been listed in various roles in those documents and you probably want to change them.

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