Estate Planning for Pets

Attractive Senior Woman is painting a picture.What happens to your pets when you die?

In most cases, they will end up in a shelter where, if not adopted, they too will die.

But one way pet owners can prevent that is to include your pets in your estate plan, says a story in the Union Leader.

Taking in and finding new homes for pets left after their owner’s death is something that certain special shelters do — granted there is a plan and funds are set aside

It takes preparation though. Besides the plan, the pet owner should have a card in their wallet or in some easily seen place saying how many pets are owned and where they are, and it should include numbers for the vet, a pet-sitter and a trusted friend who has been spoken to about caring for the pets in case something happens.

If you can leave a trust, talk to a lawyer who has experience in this area.

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