Estate Planning For Your Pet

cat in a cageWhat happens to your beloved pet when you die?

A story in the Sioux City Journal recounts the time when a pet owner died and the woman who was caring for her took the cats to a shelter where they were eventually adopted.

If she hadn’t, she says, she doesn’t know what would have happened to them.

The caregiver was following the patient’s wishes, which were spelled out in an estate plan. The plan left money so the cats could be taken to the special shelter, which cares for cats until they are adopted – providing money is provided.

The caregiver says pet owners should have a document saying how many pets they have, where they are, the number of their vet and the name of a trusted friend who has agreed to take care of the pets if necessary.

But the pets are best off included in your estate plan. The article suggested going on line to the ASPCA web site where there is a primer on how to set up a trust. It recommends finding an estate planning attorney to get started.

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