Estate Planning Is on the Rise- Are You Prepared?

Have you checked your documents recently?

The pandemic has caused widespread changes throughout the United States in the way that people live and think about their life. Although the corona virus pandemic was only concentrated in large cities previously, more people are beginning to feel the impacts in their individual state as they stay tuned to the news and watch the spread or experience friends and family members who have gotten sick. For plenty of people, this means thinking in a deeper way about their estate planning decisions.

This can include asking a variety of questions, such as do I have the right legal documents in place so that someone else is able to make decisions for me for my financial and medical standpoint if I’m not able to? What happens if I become sick? Do I have a plan for my minor children if something were to happen to me or my loved ones?

Many documents tied to estate planning can help you answer these difficult questions and put a plan in place, including a health care power of attorney, a durable power of attorney and wills. You’ll need to speak to your estate planning lawyer at a Pasadena office to discuss any specific challenges related to getting a meeting on the books and how to notarize these important documents. Now is a good opportunity to think through your existing estate plans and to decide if others need to be created.





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