Estate Planning Mistakes Made By Physicians

For most doctors, one of the most important steps in their personal and legal planning, after setting up a retirement account, is basic estate planning. This is usually in the form of a will or revocable living trust.

Physician standing in front of other physiciansBut there are many common mistakes physicians make in this area, according to an article on

These include:

  • Not acting at all. Most doctors put these things off, preferring to concentrate on earnings, taxes and investments. But not acting can leave them out of luck when unpredictability strikes.
  • Old documents. If they do have an estate plan, it often is not updated, usually after the birth of a child.
  • Keeping secrets. Their spouses may not know where their documents are or what they call for.
  • Not updating beneficiaries of accounts, especially IRAs.
  • Forgetting about their digital assets such as online bank statements. And nobody else may know the passwords.

Fortunately, the article says, these problems are easily fixed with the help of a qualified estate planning attorney.

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