Estate Planning For Your Plants?

Most people set aside money for their children in their wills. Some even arrange to take care of their pets. But their plants?

English: A picture of Philodendron maximum.
English: A picture of Philodendron maximum. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yes, some people are now including their plants in their wills.

A Pittsburgh woman has set aside $5,000 in her will so that a friend can take care of her huge philodendron after her death, according to an article in the Wall Street Journal.

Some plants can live 70 years. And it can cost a fortune to care for and feed them.

The plant listed as a beneficiary in Ronna Scoratowโ€™s will is 42 years old. It has outlived her other companions, a cat, dogs and a bird.

She said she knows the plant will outlive her, and her siblings are not interested in plants. She has no children. So she is leaving the money to a friend to take care of the plant.

The plant was a foot tall when she got it in 1972. Now, it is so large it cost $370 to move it the last time she changed residences.

She has many other plants but has not made arrangements for them to be cared for. She said she has a special love for the philodendron because she has had it the longest.

Her lawyer said it was the first time he had ever included money to care for a plant in a will.

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