Fight Over Mickey Rooney’s Will

It looks like there will be a court fight over actor Mickey Rooney’s remains and who makes the decision on his burial.

English: Actor comedian Mickey Rooney, 80, and...
Actor comedian Mickey Rooney, 80, and his wife, Jan. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Rooney disinherited his children, wife and all but one of her children in a will he signed just weeks before his death, in April, at age 93, according to an article on

But there does not appear to be much to fight over, the article says. He apparently was worth only $18,000 despite a 90-year movie career.

So the fight appears to be over who controls his remains and who makes the funeral and burial decisions.

His widow, Jan Rooney, last week filed a suit contesting the validity of the will, which left everything to her son, Mark Rooney, and his wife, because they had cared for him in his final years.

Rooney’s lawyer said he was of sound mind when he made up the new will.

Rooney and his wife had separated in 2012 after 34 years of marriage.

The actor had eight biological children from a number of wives. He had been married nine times.

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