Fighting Over Sentimental Items

When a loved one dies, it is the items with sentimental value that heirs often fight over the most.

This is happening in the case of the Robin Williams estate, according to an article in the New York Times.

After the actor died, his children and his third wife were in court over a part of his estate plan that many people overlook, the story says. This involves the stuff with sentimental value.

Williams left his children the clothing, jewelry, and personal items he had amassed before his third marriage. But his wife got the home and its contents.

One of those things was a tuxedo he wore at their wedding. But that was apparently included among the items he had amassed before the wedding. So there is a fight over that. They are also battling over what she calls “knickknacks” but which may have value, such as comic books he collected.

The article says the actor could have put the house he lived in with his wife into a trust called a qualified terminable interest property trust, where the wife would have had use of everything during her lifetime. At her death it all would have gone to the children.

A simpler solution would have been for him to have made a list saying what he wanted to go to whom.

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