Financial Lessons From Downton Abbey

The popular British television series Downton Abbey might not seem the likely place to get financial advice, but there are some lessons to be learned from the show.

A story on CNN says there are five financial lessons to be learned from the show.

  • Don’t put all your money into one stock. The family patriarch, the Earl of Grantham, learned that lesson when he loses the entire family fortune by betting on a Canadian railroad company that goes bankrupt.
  • Ask for a raise. Daisy, who starts out as a kitchen maid, staged a protest for better pay. She got it.
  • Make a will – and revisit it. The show begins with a crisis over finding a new heir. The man who was to inherit the estate died on the Titanic. None of his three daughters is allowed to take over his fortune.
  • Know about supply and demand. A devious resident decides to make a killing on the black market after the war. He buys some goods from a man at a bar at an incredibly good price, but the food is junk and no one will buy it from him.
  • Beware of gold diggers. Several characters marry for money. You can never be sure.

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