Four Ways A California Elder Lawyer Can Help You

Elder law attorneys have experience in many different facets of estate planning law but focus specifically on helping elderly individuals and some of the challenges they may face in the process of aging. Elder law attorneys are often instrumental not just in helping individuals, but with family for exploring the best options for a loved one.

In some cases, loved ones may be turning to the assistance of an attorney once their family member has been diagnosed with dementia or another medical condition or debilitating illness. Elder law attorneys handle things such as Medicare appeals and claims, eligibility planning for long term care placements, preservation or transfer of assets, powers of attorney, wills, estate planning trusts, probate and conservatorship issues, and administration and management of trusts and estates.

An elder law attorney in Pasadena can help you and your family with more information about how these areas apply to your life and can also help you to create a future plan that includes consideration of:

  • How to access the Medi-Cal Medicaid program in California.
  • How to develop a long-term plan for elderly care needs.
  • Insight on what is best for you and your family.
  • Protection from assets from nursing home expenses or financial exploitation.

Coordinating your plan with an elder law attorney can have significant positive impacts for you or your family members. Do not hesitate to contact a qualified lawyer today to learn more.

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