Getting Parents To Accept Help

It is a common refrain: stubborn aging parents refusing to get help at home even when it is obvious to everyone else that they need it.

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Even when a parent has had a fall or two, he or she will often refuse to have someone come in to help them out.

An article in Forbes discusses how one woman got her mother to accept a helper on a temporary basis. It occurred when the daughter was going on vacation and there was no other family member available to come around each day to check on the mother, to buy groceries and so forth.

So she persuaded her mother to let someone come in while she was gone – on a temporary basis. As it turned out, the mother enjoyed the caregiver’s company and eventually agreed to have her come on a regular basis.

There are all kinds of tricks you can use to get what’s best for a stubborn aging parent. This is one of them.

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