Have You Named an Alternative Agent for Your Power of Attorney?

When creating a power of attorney, you’re selecting someone to serve in a critical role of an agent to take actions on your behalf. Whether this is a health care medical power of attorney or a financial power of attorney, this agent has important responsibilities in any triggering events, or on a more permanent or specified basis depending on the specifics of your document.

Working with a knowledgeable estate planning attorney is one of the only ways to make sure that you have covered all of the bases in your power of attorney document. It can be a huge mistake to overlook the opportunities of failing to name an alternative agent. Even if you have already put great care and concern into selecting the primary person who will serve in this role, it is equally important to think about creating a backup.

Although you may have already identified the person who you believe is most suited to handle your affairs on your behalf, it is critical to consider contingencies, especially if something happens to this person who you originally selected to serve in this role.

By naming a contingent power of attorney agent, you rest assured that someone you trust will be able to step in and handle your affairs on your behalf without any additional court related issues if something happens to your original chosen agent. Schedule a time to consult with an experienced local estate planning attorney to learn more about your options.




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