Have You Thought Carefully About Your Property in Your Estate?

So many people don’t recognize the legal consequences of issues that might not have been significant during the course of life, but can emerge as urgent after a loved one has passed away. One common example is a tangled title, in which only one spouse is listed on the title to the house.

This makes it very difficult for the surviving spouse to understand or exercise all of their options with regard to keeping the property. These tangled titles can even lead to foreclosures, an unexpected issue with a family member or surviving spouse who might still be living in that house.

Property ownership is likely to be one of the most valuable aspects of your estate plan and therefore cannot be neglected when considering a meeting with a Pasadena estate planning attorney. Without appropriate planning, collectors could come along and take that property away, leaving your relatives behind with nothing. In some cases, your property might be the only asset you have to leave behind to your loved ones.

Head down to your county recorder office and take a look at the title on your property. If you own more than one home, or if you own a business property or some piece of real estate in another state, more complex estate planning might apply.

Make sure that you evaluate the current title listed on your house and make decisions with the assistance of the Pasadena estate planning lawyer about what will be most appropriate for you and your loved ones.



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