Headed Towards Retirement? Here Are the Experts You Need to Talk To


As retirement gets closer, or even as you have questions about when the most appropriate time is to retire, it’s helpful to build a team of expert professionals around you to assist in answering these questions. It can be overwhelming to navigate this process entirely on your own, and you can easily overlook aspects that may become important in the future.

Although you may be looking forward to your retirement for the potential relaxation, it is important to get your ducks in a row and complete all necessary strategizing and planning in advance. Here are some experts you should consider adding to your personal team.

If you’re already in touch with these professionals or have an established relationship, now is a great time to set up a meeting with them to discuss your approaching retirement.

The experts include:

  • A financial planner who can help you with investment management, budgeting, and planning for future possible challenges.
  • An estate planning lawyer who can review your existing plan or craft one from scratch.
  • Your insurance agent. Ensure that you have clarity on any expiring term life insurance policies, premiums for long-term care insurance, and premiums for long-term care insurance policies.
  • Medicare advisor. Healthcare needs and questions grow as people get older, and it can be difficult to navigate what you need in this process.

By building your team, you keep up to date with important changes in the market or applicable laws, but you can also adapt your plans to your specific needs.

Schedule a time to meet with someone for each of these areas of concern to plan for your future. Need help with your estate plan? Speak to our Pasadena estate planning law firm today.

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