How To Be An Executor

Being named an executor of a will is a serious responsibility.

However, most people who are named know nothing about how to do the job, says a story in US News.

An executor’s job is to handle the estate of the person who died. Basically, the executor identifies the assets and distributes them according to the will. But its not always that simple, the story says.Old Couple Signing Papers With Young Executor

The executor is a fiduciary, which means that he or she is liable if the job isn’t done right. The executor needs to get court approval if he or she wants to deviate from the will.

In some states, an executor must have an attorney.

Another thing to remember is to secure the estate, which may mean changing the locks on a house and getting the keys to several cars.

The executor must also communicate with the beneficiaries in a timely fashion.

And it is important to keep good records.

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