How To Prepare to Discuss Your Future Legacy With Your Loved Ones

Talking about estate planning can be uncomfortable, but it’s also an important conversation to have for more than just asset transfer. You may want to communicate important values about your legacy and it’s a good idea for older generations who are completing their estate planning to bring their family members together to discuss legacy plans and the future passing of wealth.

It is very important when approaching this topic that you think strategically about how you’ll bring up this conversation. Preparation in advance of the meeting can help to make people feel much more comfortable and can also decrease the possibility of conflicts or other problems that come up during this conversation.

Your legacy plan should already be drafted with the assistance of an estate planning lawyer by the time you schedule a time to meet with your family members. Here are some questions to ask yourself as you think about setting up a time for this legacy plan meeting:

  • Will multiple generations meet at the same time?
  • Who from the family should attend?
  • Is any travel required for this conversation to happen?
  • Is it easier or a best practice to carry out this meeting when family members may be near one another, such as during the holiday season?

While it might not be easy to open these conversations, it can be an important step towards covering all your bases and making sure everyone knows your future intentions. This can diffuse the possibility of arguments or lawsuits in the future.

There are many unique considerations, and you should also incorporate your family dynamics into this discussion. If you need further assistance in creating an estate plan that aligns with your goals and sets up a legacy, set aside time to meet with an experienced estate planning attorney.

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