Incorporating Values Into Your Estate Plan

For some people, incorporating such things as faith and values into their estate plan is more important than simply worrying about the dollars and to whom they will go.

A story on says there are things you can do to incorporate the things that are important to you in your estate plan.

It could mean including charities that are important to you in your plan as beneficiaries. You could leave a certain amount or percentage or even establish a trust to provide distributions over the years.

Or you could specify that money you are leaving to your heirs be used in a certain way, such as for education. You could limit the distributions, especially for younger beneficiaries, to encourage self-sufficiency.

When choosing a power of attorney or health care proxy you may want to choose those who share your values.

If you have specific wishes for your funeral, such as to be buried or cremated, you should write those down and put them in a safe place where your family can find them.

You might also preplan your memorial so it goes the way you would have wanted it to go.

You can discuss such matters with your estate planning attorney to make sure your values and wishes are respected after you pass on.

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