Is Your Estate Plan Disordered?

If your estate plan is created but disorganized, the fallout could affect the beneficiaries you intended to support with your assets.

When you’re working directly with an estate planning attorney, you will not only be able to answer many of the most common questions you have around planning for your estate and the possibilities associated with a disability that could render you incapacitated but you’ll also be able to bring order to a potentially disordered plan.

You will need to think carefully about any emotional or complicated responses you have to the estate planning process or to money in general. Working through these issues with the help of a neutral third party in the form of your estate planning lawyer can help you to develop concrete goals for what you want to happen while you’re still alive and after you pass away.

Any major life shift can move your life into a state of disorder. It can even be disordered simply because you failed to update your estate planning documents after a major change in your life, such as the birth of a new grandchild or a divorce from a previous spouse. The disorder created by estate planning might not involve problems for you immediately, but it can create unnecessary stress, costs and disputes for your family members down the line.

Make things easier for your loved ones by thinking carefully about the work you can do ahead of time with an estate planning lawyer. Generate a list of the questions you have and goals you would like to address before your first meeting with an attorney.

An estate planning attorney can help you even if you are not yet clear on your estate planning goals. In this situation it’s helpful to draft a list of questions, potential assets, and other concerns you have around the estate planning process before sitting down and meeting with a lawyer in Pasadena.





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