Larry King’s Estate Could Be in Question

All too often, celebrity estate planning mistakes end up in the news cycle. The recent passing of interviewer Larry King is no exception as it appears that his estate could be headed for court disputes.

When interviewer Larry King passed away recently, information emerged that because he was in the middle of a divorce from Shawn King, and allegedly was using a secret will that she would be contesting his handwritten document.

His last will and testament appear to be associated with a nearly $2 million estate and a handwritten will indicates that he might have been attempting to shut his wife of 22 years out of it.

They originally filed for divorce in August 2019 and two months later King handwrote a will stating that all of his assets should be divided equally among his five children. According to the ex-wife, they had an existing family estate plan, and that someone in the family might have pressured her husband to write it.

She claims that another will is the legitimate will and should be held up in court. Will contests can slow down the existing probate process and can also be fraught with emotional conflicts and concerns for family members.

They can also drain the estate of assets inside of it because of the legal fees and time required for somebody to manage them. For more information about strategies you can use to minimize the possibility of will conflicts and other contests in your estate, set aside time to speak with an estate planning attorney over the phone.

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