New California Law Deals With Passing On Property

California State CapitolA newly passed law in California creates a new non-probate method of conveying real property upon death.

A story on says the law allows the conveyance through a revocable transfer upon death deed.

It creates a simple way for people to transfer their home (or one-to-four unit investment properties) on death without having to pay for a living trust of have it all sorted out in probate court.

The state had provided simple “payable on death” forms for many items such as cars, but not for so-called “real property.”

Setting up a trust for this has advantages but can cost thousands, the story says. Without a trust, the estate is handled through the courts and can take a year or more and can cost thousands.

The new form is one page. It is said to benefit seniors in particular whose estate consists primarily of the family home.

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