October Is Home National Estate Planning Awareness Week

The third week of October is national Estate Planning Awareness Week, which means that this is your opportunity to sit down and address those neglected plans or those plans that you may not have created at all. The support of an experienced estate planning lawyer is strongly recommended in these circumstances so that you know you have addressed many of the most common concerns.

The annual reminder of the approaching holidays makes this an excellent time to hold conversations with your loved ones about their estates, too. If you’ve put off this topic for far too long, it’s time to think about the “what if” scenarios so that you can make things easier for your family.

It can be tempting to create an estate plan on your own but unfortunately, this can leave you or your loved ones exposed to unnecessary problems in the future. Each state has specific estate planning requirements and failing to adhere to these makes things much more complicated for your loved ones after the fact.

Although you won’t be around to deal with these challenges, no one wants to leave their family members sorting through chaos, conflict or confusion. The sooner you can speak with an estate planning lawyer the sooner you will have peace of mind, confidence or awareness around how to update your existing estate planning documents or what is needed to create them for the first time.

It’s easy to put off estate planning when you assume that it won’t happen to you but as many people have found out when being appointed as a personal representative or executor, this situation can catch you off guard and leave your loved ones in a difficult situation. Do not wait to get help. You may become incapacitated due to an injury or an illness and you’ll want someone appointed to make those important decisions for you. Do not wait too long and instead seek out the services of an estate planning lawyer in Pasadena now.

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