Parkinson’s Drugs Linked to Risky Behavior

ParkinsonsDrugs commonly used to treat Parkinson’s disease may come with some unusual and dangerous side effects.

A study says the drugs have been linked to impulse control disorders such as pathological gambling, compulsive buying, hypersexuality and binge eating in some patients.

The disorders can have disastrous consequences if not recognized and treated, according to the study done at Loyola in Chicago. It is detailed on

They can be controlled by adjusting medications, deep brain stimulation and counseling, the study says.

A prior study said about 14 percent of Parkinson’s patients experience at least one of these impulse control disorders.

The drugs that are linked to these disorders are called dopamine agonists, which help control tremors.

The article said family members should be warned about these potential consequences and should report these to the patients’ doctors.

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