People of All Ages Need Elder Law

You may assume that the concept of elder law only applies to older individuals who may be nearing the end of their life or post-retirement. However, elder law is beneficial for everyone and often comes up in the context of helping to care for aging parents. Elder law attorneys have broad experience in helping many different individuals and families navigate the complex process of elder law. Articulating your primary decisions and wishes now reduces the possibility of conflicts or confusion in the future and ensures that if an accident or sudden illness impacts you, that you will have your wishes respected.

What happens if you become unable to speak for yourself, but you do have certain wishes regarding your medical care, for example? Or if someone needs to step in and handle your finances for a period of time while you are incapacitated or recovering from an injury or other situation? Without any plan in place, your loved ones may be left struggling to figure out how to pull it all together and then getting approved to handle your situation.

Elder law attorneys have experience in things like estate planning, conservatorships, wills and trusts, government benefits for in-home or nursing care, Medi-Cal, Medicare coverage, physician directives, and powers of attorney. By looking at elder law holistically, you can greatly increase your chances of thinking through these complex issues and putting together a strategy now. This way, if something happens to you, your loved ones are not left grappling with the questions of how you would’ve wanted things handled. Contact our Pasadena estate planning lawyers today to learn more about this process.

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