Planning Long-Term Care For Your Cat

Countless pets are surrendered to shelters daily, because their owners either die or become incapacitated and therefore unable to care for the cat. A recent article discusses how you can create a long-term care plan to ensure that your cat is safe and cared for when you can no longer provide the care yourself.

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If you cannot or do not wish to include your cat into your estate plan, you should at least make a care plan for your cat. Find a trusted friend or relative who is willing to care for the cat, and then create your plan with that person in mind. The plan should include several factors.

First, be sure that your friend knows your catโ€™s feeding routine and preferences. It is also important to be sure that your friend knows where your cat receives veterinary care, and where your catโ€™s medical records are located. Additionally, be sure to leave your friend an adequate amount of money in order to pay any necessary costs for food and care.

Also important, make sure that your friend has an extra set of keys to your home. This way, should you become incapacitated, your friend will have immediate access to your home to care for your cat. You may also wish to inform your landlord, building manager, or neighbor about the arrangement so no one gives the caregiver any trouble.

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