Protecting Your Business’s Digital Assets

Business owners face a host of serious threats to their digital assets, not just protecting their customers’ credit card data.

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Digital information that is at risk includes banking records, documents, spreadsheets, personnel records, domain names and more, according to an article in Forbes.

Owners must realize that the risk is not just the theft of digital information, but also the challenge of identifying where this information is located and whether the location is secure.

Data may be found on company servers, employee cell phones or in the cloud.

Business owners may find they cannot access the information for a variety of reasons.

The article suggests strategies to lessen the risks, mitigate losses and earn peace of mind.

  • Get a digital protection plan from a company specializing in this area. It is much easier now than years ago with the advent of geek squads, genius bars and the like.
  • Make an inventory. Put together a list of all the information you have stored digitally, both personal and for business. And know where it is all stored.
  • Clean it up. Make sure it is backed up and not stored in more than one place.
  • Give and get permission for others to access your information or for you to access theirs. Otherwise, it may be a crime to do so.
  • Use online protection services that allow you to store passwords securely.

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