Rock And Roller Had No Estate Plan

Rocker Dee Snyder of Twisted Sister was critical of former bandmate A.J. Pero, who died of a massive heart attack on a tour bus last week while a member of another band, Adrenaline Mob.

Snyder criticized Pero, 55, of neglecting his own health by not getting checkups, but also of failing to care for his family by not having an estate plan.

In an article on, Snyder said Pero was irresponsible for not getting checkups since he had a history of heart disease.

Moreover, Snyder said Pero had no estate plan — not even a will — and his assets are completely frozen. As a result, his girlfriend of 19 years was reduced to pleading for money on behalf of herself and their young daughter on GoFundMe.

“We as a band can’t even funnel money to his girlfriend, his daughter, his other children,” he said. “Our hands are tied as well.”

Snyder said he was angry at Pero, whom he called a “close friend.”

He said: “It made me angry. Dude, what did you freakin’ do? The minute you start getting married, having kids, creating that responsibility to others — that’s exactly what it is: responsibility — you’ve lost your right to be cavalier or casual with things like your health, your estate and your economics.”

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