Saving On Estate Planning Costs

Selling insuranceEstate planning is important, but it isn’t cheap. Still, there are ways to save on the costs.

A story in Time lists five steps to take to better understand and, as a result, reduce the costs of estate planning.

  • Understand what you need. Talk to your financial advisor and do some reading so you understand the basics before you get started. At a minimum you’ll need a durable power of attorney, health care advance directive and a will. You may also want a trust.
  • Talk about cost up front. Ask any potential estate planning attorney how they charge –   it may be by the hour or a flat fee. Ask if they offer a free consultation.
  • If you choose an attorney with a flat fee, find out what that includes.
  • Choose an attorney with experience and with whom you share a rapport.
  • Come to your first meeting prepared. Ask what documents you will need and bring them.

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