Seven Things to Avoid When Planning for Retirement

Planning for retirement is not just about looking into getting on top of your debt but also for planning ahead to enjoy the later years of your life as much as possible. Unfortunately, seven deadly sins can plague people in their retirement years and force them to suffer more than what they would have expected. These seven things include:

  •   Draining retirement savings before thinking about the possibility of health costs
  •   Not saving enough for anything
  •   Not using a retirement savings goals as a starting point to work backwards from in your retirement plan
  •   Underestimating potential health care costs especially in elder ages
  •   Ignoring the costs of long term care, even though up to 70% of people in their mid-60s will require some type of long term care
  •   Mishandling the date of retirement. While many people have had to postpone their retirement day because they couldn’t afford it, this can put people in a difficult financial situation in times they would have otherwise been expecting to step out of the workforce entirely
  •   Not taking any steps to protect yourself if you suffer from diminished capacity or dementia

Using estate planning tools, strategies and documents can help you to plan ahead and feel more confident that you have taken control of your future. Talk to an estate planning attorney to learn more about your options.






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