Should You Write a Legacy Letter to Your Loved Ones?

It’s difficult to make the decisions associated with planning your estate but thankfully, there are other opportunities to be yourself and leave behind a legacy without having to worry about laws, statutes or other complicated aspects.

If there’s something you’ve always wanted to share with the world, to have posted on your church bulletin board, or shared on your social media, writing a legacy letter to everyone is one way to accomplish this.

This is a different process than writing your own obituary. Instead your legacy letter is your informal opportunity to share your special stories, experiences, thoughts, and anything that you want people to know after you pass away. Try to keep this to a couple of pages and don’t feel pressured to keep it in a story format. Leave behind a meaningful legacy that your loved ones can cherish long after you are gone. This can help to provide them closure in the grieving process.

Make sure that someone in your family is aware of the fact that you created this additional letter so that it becomes that much easier for them to find it and share it with those who matter.

At least one other person should know about the letter you’ve written so that it can be found quickly. This is a letter you might include with preferred instructions or prepaid details related to any funeral or cremation planning you’ve already done to make things easier on your loved ones in the immediate aftermath of your passing.

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