Spouse Should Be At Center Of Plan

Who is going to make sure your wishes are met after you die?

Your spouse, of course.

An article on mainstreet.com notes that trillions of dollars are going to change hands over the next couple of decades as Baby Boomers transfer their wealth to their heirs and surviving spouses are likely to be the ones playing the biggest role in how the money is distributed.

The article says spouses who take on this job will have the best chance to succeed if they are given specific wishes on how where the money should go.

Your spouse can handle power of attorney, as well as your health care directives. They can also oversee your inventory and keep track of where the money is held. They must have the names of financial advisors, brokers and accountants as well as account numbers, pension plans and properties that are owned.

So you should introduce your spouse to the professionals you rely on — accountants, brokers, lawyers and such.

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