Steps For Getting Your Estate Plan In Order

Death is inevitable. To make it easier on your loved ones, who will have plenty to do and lots of decisions to make, often in an emotionally fragile state, there are some things you should do.

Of course you need to discuss your estate plan with your estate planning attorney, but here are some other things to do to help you begin the process, according to a story on

  • Discuss the issue of death openly with your family. Find out what each personโ€™s end of life wishes are.
  • Become aware of the inheritance laws in your state.
  • If you hire an attorney, make sure it is a qualified estate planning attorney.
  • Make sure beneficiary assignments are up to date on IRAs and 401 (k) plans.
  • Keep your most important documents in a secure filing system that is accessible to those who will need them.
  • Include a list of all passwords for electronic files and online accounts.
  • If your heirs might not be capable of running your investment portfolio, consider who you would want to manage it.

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