Steps to Take After Losing a Loved One

The loss of a loved one is a very emotional time in a person’s life. However, it is at this time that certain steps must be taken in order to set the process of administering the estate and dealing with the body in motion. A recent article discusses what steps should be taken first.

It is vital that the family take quick action in order to deal with the disposition of remains. Often, people leave instructions within or in addition to their will, which detail how their remains should be disposed of. Often, these details include the location and conditions of internment, as well as any funeral desires.

Next, if the decedent had a will, it is important to deliver the original will to the court. The will should be taken to the clerk of court in the county in which the decedent died as soon as possible after the death. If you are not named as the executor but know where the will is, mail a copy of it to the person named as executor in the will.

Finally, it is important to issue any required notices. Notice requirements vary from state to state, so discuss what notices must be filed with an estate planning attorney. Often, these include notice to the county recorder or assessor concerning changes of ownership of property, and notice to Medicaid officials concerning discontinuing benefits.

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