Talking to Millennials About Your Senior Living Choices

Man giving lecture to four people in computer roomIf you are over 50, you’ve probably thought about moving your parents into a community for seniors. If you are under 30, or a minority, probably not.

A story on says your race and age may have a bigger effect than you think on your perceptions of senior living communities.

A survey found that while 64 percent of whites would consider moving their parents into a senior living facility, only 37 percent of blacks and Hispanics would. It may be a cultural thing, the story says. Or a lack of exposure.

In fact, a CDC report says 91 percent of assisted living residents are white.

The survey also showed that millennials are least likely to move a parent into senior living. But that too isn’t surprising since millennials think they are invincible and most of their parents are still in their 40s to 60s.

The story says parents of millennials need to educate them about senior living options It is not too early to talk to them about your wishes.

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