The Four Legal Documents You Must Have for a Child Going Off to College

Back to school is fast approaching in what many hope will be a return to normal. It’s almost that time for your baby to go off to college but it’s important to think about the documents you need to have in place.

The transition from teenagerhood to adulthood often catches some parents by surprise when they realize that once the child reaches age 18, certain access issues become problematic without proper paperwork.

Read on to learn more about the four key documents you’ll need to have before your child enters college:

  • HIPAA authorization. HIPAA controls access to medical records and places security and data privacy guidelines in place. An 18-year old’s consent must be given for parental access to these records.
  • FERPA authorization. While you might have had access to your child’s academic records when they were in high school, you’ll need permission to see their grades which is covered under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act federal law.
  • Financial records access. Be aware that certain states have particular privacy laws around credit card bills, bank accounts and other financial reports.
  • Powers of attorney and living will. What happens if your child becomes incapacitated and is unable to speak for themselves? Durable powers of attorney, medical powers of attorney, advanced directives and living wills can all be created with the help of an experienced estate planning lawyer.

Ready to get these documents in order for your child’s transition to campus? Contact our Pasadena estate planning offices today for more information.

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