Three Key Estate Planning Questions

Estate planning is absolutely necessary as you never know what is going to happen to you.

But many people overlook some key points when getting around to estate planning.

Here are three important ones as outlined in a story on

    1)  How well does your spouse know your financial advisor? Chances are she (or he) hasn’t even met the person who is handling your financial affairs. What if you were to pass away unexpectedly? Your spouse would be relying on someone she (or he) has never even met. Make sure your spouse knows your advisor.

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    2)  Does your spouse know where your accounts are? If you were to die, your spouse would not have time to go digging through papers to find out where the money is. He or she will need money immediately for funeral expenses, medical bills and the like. Your spouse must know where the money is.

    3)  Are your wills and beneficiaries up to date? Circumstances change. Make sure your papers reflect your current wishes. This should include retirement plans, life insurance and annuities.

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