Three Things to Look for When Meeting with A New Estate Planning Attorney

If you are just entering the process of planning for your estate in California, there are several things you need to look for when hiring the right lawyer. Selecting a lawyer to represent you is critical for protecting your individual needs and ensuring that you have someone advocating for your best interests. What follows are three different tips for identifying the right estate planning attorney.

ยท Make sure that your Advanced Healthcare Directive was not downloaded from a website and comes in the form of fill in the blanks. Downloadable forms are typically not recommended for estate planning purposes, rather your California estate planning attorney should have clear language that is aligned specifically with you as well as relevant California laws.
ยท You understand the documents you are signing. It is not enough to meet with an estate planning attorney who has experience in this field. You should also be comfortable understanding the document that you are signing. Your attorney should also point out the key provisions inside each document and make sure that all spellings and names are accurate.
ยท All California real estate should be recorded into your trust for you. A trust transfer deed must have appropriately recorded information. An experienced attorney will prepare trust transfer deeds and ensure that they are properly recorded. This then should be mailed back to you and kept with your trust documents.

Knowing that you are working with a true professional can give you a great deal of peace of mind about your California estate planning.

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